A Mississippi River tow with 24 barges came close to the Natchez riverboat at its New Orleans dock April 28, missing the iconic tourist attraction and the nearby Canal Street Ferry Landing.

New Orleans videographer Earl Weber recorded the moments around 9 a.m. from the top of Jax Brewery, in a social media video and audio of a stiff wind pushing the towboat Roger L. Knight toward the Natchez dock and Woldenberg Park, television station WWL reported.

“Near crash on the river yesterday,” Weber wrote on his Facebook account. “Tow boat pushing 24 barges comes within inches of hitting the Natchez riverboat, and the ferry boat has to leave the dock in a panic to avoid being crushed. The captain of the tow boat, Roger L Knight, did an amazing job avoiding a disaster.

 Coast Guard officials in New Orleans said they were investigating the incident. The towboat and barges were “pinned onto the bank piling at Algiers Point below Canal Street Ferry Landing at MM 95 due to strong winds,” according to the Coast Guard. “The vessel had 24 empty hopper barges attached, which, reportedly the head barge, touched the Ferry Landing. No damage, injuries, or pollution has been reported. There was also a small craft advisory out due to high winds."

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