Harvey Gulf International Marine has announced several new ESG and major emissions reduction accomplishments.
First, Harvey Gulf has completed the conversion of its second Platform Supply Vessel, the Harvey Power, from a dual-fuel vessel to a tri-fuel vessel with a real time emissions monitoring system installed onboard. This is the only real time emissions monitoring system on a Platform Service Vessel in America.

The system tracks, compares and analyzes the actual vessel emissions for five different components: CO2, SOx, NOx, CH4, and water vapor. The vessel will build emission profiles in three different operating scenarios. The system will initially monitor the quantity of emissions emitted while operating only on diesel fuel, followed by running only on LNG and, finally, with the use of LNG, combined with the use of the newly installed battery power. No other company operating in America can do this, company officials said.

Second, Harvey announced that, through working with the American Bureau of Shipping, the company’s two 250MT MPSVs, the Harvey Subsea and Blue-Sea, have achieved ABS SUSTAIN 1 Notation, recognizing how their design and operation is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). This development clears the way for other vessels in Harvey’s fleet with the Enviro + class notation to receive similar notations.

Third, Harvey announced that its fleet of tri-fueled vessels will soon be the only vessels operating in the U.S. to receive an American Bureau Shipping Classification of SUSTAIN 2 Notation for oil field service, with no other vessels qualified to achieve this ESG classification notation, Harvey officials said
Finally, the company will be providing a Renewable-LNG that has a low “Carbon Index” (CI) score and will produce a blend of LNG that will yield fuel with a net zero carbon emissions profile. When using the fuel on Harvey Gulf’s dual and tri-fueled vessels, Harvey Gulf’s customers will be able to show a certificate of fact to the net zero carbon emissions.

“Harvey Gulf is always listening to our client’s future needs and, unlike our competitors, we answer and deliver. In January, we will have the only fleet of vessels that will be operating in a net carbon neutral capacity,” Harvey Gulf CEO Shane Guidry said in a prepared statement. “This is huge for oil and gas companies that want to show they are truly trying to reduce carbon foot print by chartering equipment and contracting with service providers that can deliver certificates proving net carbon neutral operations.”