Whether building new or repowering existing vessels, customers know they can count on ZF Marine to keep their vessels moving on the water, now with additional support through a mobile app.

For more than 100 years, ZF Marine has provided commercial and recreational boaters with industry leading marine propulsion systems that include transmissions, controls, propellers, fly-by-wire steering, thrusters and more. ZF Marine is also committed to continuously developing and improving its systems to meet market requirements. Complying with safety standards, reliability, environmental compatibility, economic operation and customer comfort are top priorities. It’s clear that the company is an innovative, reliable partner for both marine propulsion components and complete systems for all types of vessels.

But state-of-the-art products are only part of the reason customers have remained loyal to ZF for decades. The company also offers exceptional customer care, namely through its global service network and +1-833-ZFWRENCH service hotline. The company’s dealer network aims to provide local support no matter where customers are based, anywhere in the world. ZF’s knowledgeable service team, which has more than a century of combined marine experience, answers the hotline around the clock to help clients with questions about their transmissions, repower projects, for consultations and troubleshooting, and to secure after-market parts.

“With one phone call our clients have access to not only excellent technical support, but direct access to our parts division,” explained Pablo Nunez, ZF’s aftermarket manager. “This team can provide professional advice on questions related to driveline technology or can help source spare parts, aftermarket parts, lubricants and more.”

But the support doesn’t end there. Just this month ZF Marine announced an expansion of its customer support with the launch of an all-new ZF Marine app, available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play. This new app provides ZF Marine customers with the following support functions:

  •  Warranty registration – Customers can register their ZF products to ensure warranty coverage.
  • Technical FAQs – Users find answers to frequently asked questions and technical inquires.
  • Selection guide – Users can access ZF’s complete list of products, with details information.
  • Find parts and service – Customers can locate nearby ZF-authorized parts and service dealers.
  • General inquiries – Customers can submit requests for general information and support.
  • Contact technical support – Customers can contact ZF for technical assistance.

The app is free to use and available for download now. Once open, the app prompts users to select from an easy-to-navigate menu of the above options. With the touch of a button, customers now have immediate support. From registering new products to supporting existing ones, it has never been simpler to manage ZF equipment and technology.

“We want our clients to know we are here to take care of them before and after sales,” said Nunez. “Our goal is to have customers for life and that starts with high-quality parts backed by industry leading service.”

To learn more about ZF Marine, click here.

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