At the 43rd edition of the International WorkBoat Show late last year, Poseidon Robotics, Chandler, Arizona, displayed their fleet of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) as part of the Underwater Intervention (UI) pavilion.

Poseidon Robotics is a manufacturer of remotely operated vehicles and other subsea systems and components. The company specializes in inspection class ROVs and custom engineering solutions for oil and gas, ocean sciences, aquaculture, and search and rescue markets. Its flagship product is the Lanai ROV, a large inspection class ROV that can handle heavy payloads, high currents, and deep-water operations.

The Lanai ROV can be fitted with various sensors and instruments, such as 3D sonar, multibeam profilers, and sub-bottom profilers, to perform a range of tasks, such as surveying, mapping, and sampling. The ROV also features a modular telemetry system that provides multiple Ethernet, video, and serial connections for data transmission and control.

The company also offers the Lanai Pro, a more powerful version of the Lanai ROV, and the BlueROV2, a smaller and cheaper ROV that can be used for recreational and educational purposes. All of the company’s ROVs are designed to be user-friendly, reliable, and adaptable to different environments and missions.

Poseidon Robotics was founded by Peter Schubert and Walter Fletcher, two experienced ROV pilots and engineers who have worked together for over a decade. They use their expertise and passion to create cutting-edge subsea technology that meets the needs and expectations of their customers.

“We strive, through hard work and continual improvement, to provide our customers with custom engineered solutions when the task is difficult, the timeline short, or the project too unique for mainstream firms,” the company’s website states. “We aim to be the most adaptive in the market and to make the highest quality ROVs.”

For more information, visit the company’s website.