Rigidized Metals Corporation, supplier of IMO- and USCG-Certified custom lightweight aluminum honeycomb panels, serve both T and K passenger vessels for prominent ferry projects, namely Staten Island Ferry, NYC Ferry, NOLA RTA, Kitsap, and others.

Rigidized® Metals’ custom decorative honeycomb panels meet IMO certification when using ARVINYL USCG-approved vinyl skins, Arborite M900 Metalcore, or stainless steel interior panels, bulkheads or restroom walls and partitions. Panels are custom-made to individual specifications, in metric or imperial measurements, with one-side or two-sided vinyl or HPPL laminate surfaces.

Rigidized® Metals is also a manufacturer of stainless steel deck plates for the U.S. Navy and USCG, with 81 years’ experience of texturing metals. Materials for interiors may range from stainless steel, aluminum, brass and bronze. Rigidized® Metals’ textured metals offer significantly stronger, longer-lasting products, in nearly 30 unique patterns, ideal for all areas of marine vessels, from engine mounts to instrument panels.

Since 1940, Rigidized® Metals Corporation has led the world in the development, production, and fabrication of engineered metal surfaces used in architectural, industrial, transportation, and marine applications. Located in Buffalo, NY, Rigidized® Metals Corporation proudly supports its customers, as well as the local and world communities of engineers, designers, and architects. For more information, please contact [email protected] or 716-864-4021.