Moran Environmental Recovery LLC (MER), a subsidiary of Moran Towing Corp., has acquired the wastewater treatment, remediation, environmental and marine services assets of Universal Environmental Solutions (UES), Tampa, Fla. 

UES was owned by Hendry Marine and is located adjacent to Gulf Marine Repair, another subsidiary of Hendry. The acquisition will expand MER’s ability to serve Gulf Marine Repair, the Port of Tampa and the entire Florida region, Moran said. 

The facility will operate as part of Water Recovery LLC, a MER subsidiary wastewater treatment facility located in Jacksonville, Fla., and as a new MER resource center servicing the southeast U.S. 

“This expansion strengthens the MER Florida footprint to meet our client’s demands and our overall growth strategy,” Richard Grant, MER senior vice president, said in a statement. 

UES, founded in 2012, operated the fixed waterfront facility located adjacent to Gulf Marine Repair in Tampa, Fla. 

“Over the past two years of our strategic partnership we really began to leverage MER's expertise and resources to build operational excellence at the facility, and we are excited to see what the future holds,” Ed Kinley, former president of UES said. 

MER is an integrated supplier of environmental, industrial, and mechanical services. The company’s staff, specialized equipment, and network of locations allow MER to meet the demands of industries all across North America.

Water Recovery is a centralized wastewater treatment (CWT) plant.