The Maritime Institute of Technology & Graduate Studies (MITAGS) announced today that its in-house classroom and simulation training activities have been suspended due to concerns over the coronavirus.

MITAGS, which offers complete maritime training classes and maritime simulation facilities at its Seattle and Baltimore locations, is a non-profit vocational training center for individuals seeking to enter the maritime profession and for professional mariners seeking to advance their careers.

Although the schools have stringent risk mitigation strategies in place, government regulation and CDC
guidelines led to MITAGS' decision. At its Seattle West Coast Campus, MITAGS is complying with
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s executive order that private career schools close through at least April 24,

• All classes are canceled. MITAGS is working with the Coast Guard to explore blended and
online learning options to provide the classes students need. MITAGS will be in contact
when it has plans to enable students to take online courses or portions of courses. If students
want to reschedule for a later date, please contact MITAGS.
• All rental sessions in the company simulator are canceled. MITAGS will work to reschedule
once the company reopens for routine business.

For attendees that have classes scheduled after April 24, both campuses will re-evaluate
guidance, executive orders, and any other relevant information beginning April 10.

To date, MITAGS East and West have no confirmed cases of COVID-19. You can contact MITAGS via
e-mail [email protected] if you have questions or concerns.