American River Transportation Co. (ARTCO) has announced plans to launch new barge fleeting and switching operations in Cairo, Ill., starting Jan. 1.

Cairo harbor is a vital hub in the inland waterway supply chain, the company said. The new operation will be based in Wickliffe, Ky., and will provide fleeting and switching operations from mile 948 on the Lower Mississippi River to mile 29 on the Upper Mississippi and mile 974 on the Ohio River.

“ARTCO is the only company in the inland waterway system that can provide a self-contained supply chain to our customers, which allows us to provide better, more efficient and cost-effective service,” Jason Porter, vice president, ARTCO operations, said in a statement. “This new location provides strategic access to the Lower Mississippi, Upper Mississippi and Ohio Rivers and will allow ARTCO to directly provide a complete range of services in the Cairo market without relying on any third-party support, giving our customers a truly one-stop solution to meet their worldwide transportation demands.”

ARTCO began staffing the new location in early November and is seeking individuals interested in joining the company. To apply for a position, visit and search for positions in Wickliffe, Ky.

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