The Coast Guard, along with with other law enforcement agencies, will strictly enforce boat rental regulations this weekend at the annual Boat Scene Party in Chicago.

The service is urging passengers to use the “research before renting” quizzes placed throughout the Chicago Harbors to ensure their rental is legal prior to boarding. 

Passengers who board an illegal charter may find their trip delayed or canceled if the vessel is boarded by law enforcement. Additionally, if passengers are coached to give false statements to law enforcement officials, those passengers can personally face fines and potential prosecution.

The “research before renting” quiz is short and user friendly quiz. It allows passengers to answer a few simple questions and check if the charter they have rented is operating legally. Posters promoting the campaign and featuring the QR code are posted around the Chicago waterfront. 

“Every year at the Boat Scene Party we see a record number of charter vessels,” Cmdr. Timothy Tilghman, commanding officer of Marine Safety Unit Chicago, said in a statement. “Our teams and our law enforcement partners will be on the water this weekend boarding vessels to ensure safety and lawful operations. Using the research before renting quiz can confirm you are on the right boat, doing the right things, and reduce the time your voyage is delayed if you are boarded. Please take every opportunity to make sure your fun safe and report illegal activity to CGTIPS” 

Requests for further information should be directed to Lt. Rachel Ault, public affairs officer, Marine Safety Unit Chicago at 612-239-3976.

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