The National Maritime Center (NMC) continues to experience increased Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC) and medical certificate application processing times.

The Coast Guard is working to reduce these times and return credential delivery to within its stated performance goals.

Below are a few important things that will help streamline application processing:

• Apply 90 days in advance: Consider applying early and submitting your MMC and/or medical certificate application at least 90 days in advance of when you would anticipate needing a credential.

• Ensure application packages are complete: 50% of all application submissions require additional information. Verify the file sent electronically is also complete, paying particular attention to any double-sided documents in your package. Did you scan both sides? Checklist guides are available on the NMC website to assist you.

• PDF only: Submit MMC and/or medical certificate applications electronically in PDF format only. Do not submit pictures of documentation taken with a smart phone or in other digital formats (jpeg, .png, etc.). These will not be accepted. NOTE: The new size limit for electronic application submissions is 35 MB, so it is no longer necessary to submit multiple smaller files. Also, you will not receive an auto-generated response acknowledging receipt of your application. The NMC is currently unable to provide this service. Duplicate submissions of application packages are not necessary.

• Include your height, weight, and gender: When applying for an MMC only (no medical certificate application/physical included), please be sure to include your height, weight, and gender in your application submission. These data points are needed to produce your MMC and are currently not requested on the CG-719B application form. A future revision to this form will include these data fields.

Applications are typically processed on a ‘first in, first out’ basis. After review of the initial submission date, the NMC will consider expediting cases when it is critical to vessel operations or an applicant’s employment. To request expedited service, contact the customer service center at [email protected].