WorkBoat magazine has announced its 10 Significant Boats of 2014.

This year’s annual list of Significant Boats includes pilot boats, tugs, OSVs, a fuel-supply vessel, a bulk transport vessel and a passenger vessel.

The 2014 winners, chosen from the vessels that appear in WorkBoat, will be recognized at an awards breakfast at the International WorkBoat Show on Thursday. At the breakfast, WorkBoat will announce its choice for the inaugural Boat of the Year from among the 10 winners.

The 10 award winners for 2014 are:

Builder: Kvichak Marine Industries
Designer: Camarc Design
Owner: Columbia River Bar Pilots

Buckley McAllister
Builder: Senesco Marine
Designer: Jensen Maritime Consultants
Owner: McAllister Towing & Transportation

Fort Ripley
Builder: Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding
Designer: Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding
Designer: C. Raymond Hunt Associates
Owner: Southeast Ocean Response Services/Charleston Branch Pilots Association

Capt. Frank Banta Jr.

Builder: Rodriguez Shipbuilding
Builder: Chem Carriers
Designer: Rodriguez Shipbuilding
Designer: Chem Carriers
Owner: Chem Carriers

Great Expectations
Builder: La Ship
Designer: Edison Chouest Offshore
Owner: John W. Stone Oil Distributor/Edison Chouest Offshore

Hornblower Guardian
Builder: All American Marine
Designer: Elliott Bay Design Group
Owner: Hornblower Cruises & Events

HOSMAX 300- and 310-Class
Builder: Eastern Shipbuilding Group
Designer: Vard Marine
Owner: Hornbeck Offshore Services

Signet Arcturus and Signet Polaris
Builder: Patti Marine Enterprises
Designer: Robert Allan Ltd.
Owner: Signet Maritime

Tender 4
Builder: New York State Canal Corp.
Designer: Elco Motor Yachts
Owner: New York State Canal Corp.

Builder: Nichols Brothers Boat Builders
Designer: Columbia Sentinel Engineers
Owner: Bowhead Transport