Wabtec is the only marine engine manufacturer supplying marine medium speed diesel engines that meet EPA Tier 4 and IMO Tier III emissions standards without requiring urea-based aftertreatment. This means lower operating cost, smaller footprint, lower system weight and easier installation and operation compared to engines with urea after treatment.

At Wabtec, we understand that no operator likes incurring additional operating cost to meet the EPA Tier 4 emissions standards. Wabtec’s advanced EGR technology limits the formation NOx in cylinder as opposed to removing NOx from the exhaust through an aftertreatment system. Our solution saves you operating expenses by avoiding additional operating cost from urea consumption, SCR catalyst replacements, and maintenance on the SCR system components. No urea. No kidding.

Engine room space and engine weight are critical - that is why at Wabtec we made sure that our EPA Tier 4 engines are similar in size and weight to engines that meet prior emissions standards. With our solution, we eliminate the need for spacious provisions required for a SCR aftertreatment system and urea storage tanks. We can save you up to 40 % of required vessel space and up to 50% engine system weight compared to a SCR solution, so you get to keep your valuable cargo, accommodation, and tank space.

Our proven solution is less complex to install and operate, produces practically no visible smoke, has world class fuel efficiency and load response, and avoids the hassle of planning urea replenishment and onboard handling of urea. No urea. No kidding.

To learn more, meet us at booth #3029 the International Workboat Show or inquire at https://www.wabteccorp.com/marine-solutions/marine-diesel-engines

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