The Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Central Station all known as national landmarks and treasures have something else in common; modern power distribution systems designed and built by Point Eight Power. 

Known worldwide for the quality of their electrical control and distribution products and the excellence of their global service capabilities, Point Eight Power located in Belle Chase, Louisiana is the first choice of the Workboat and Offshore Service Vessel Industries for distribution switchgear, generator controls, VFD propulsion drives, and auxiliary drives such as thrusters.

Our marine expertise also extends into ship service and propulsion of our U.S. Navy’s Military Sealift Command classes TAK-E, TAK-R, MLP vessels and The United States Coast Guard Fast Response Cutters (FRC).

For many of our customers, Point Eight Power has been for years “A Partner in Design” assessing customers’ needs and providing solutions for many varied and innovative applications. 

Point Eight Power also has in-house capabilities to design, fabricate, commission and service massive 400-ton Motor Control Center Buildings destined for deployment on offshore production platforms operating around the world.

Modular land-based Power Control Buildings and Portable Data Center Power Modules are also a specialty.

Other industries served include Chemical, Critical Power, Utility, Traction Transportation, Water and Wastewater Facilities.