Parsun, the largest Chinese outboard engine manufacturer, has signed a distribution agreement with OXE Marine AB.

The agreement is the first step towards a partnership between the two companies. The potential of a high-powered diesel outboard for the commercial and governmental service market is huge, Ängelholm, Sweden-based OXE said.

Parsun will distribute the OXE diesel product range to its customers and dealers and support them in after sales service and parts provision. OXE Marine said that with Parsun being a well-established and important player in the Chinese marine market and OXE having developed an advanced high-power diesel outboard motor, the agreement forms a "perfect symbiosis" to explore the diesel outboard market across China at a much faster pace. A closer cooperation may result with local assembly of OXE units at Parsun’s production facility, including sourcing of parts, specifically for the Chinese market.

"We believe that China has a vast demand for innovative, high powered, high quality diesel outboards. OXE is an exciting company with important products that are likely to attract the interest of Chinese ship builders as well as commercial and governmental users,” Peter Bian, CEO, Suzhou Parsun Power Machine Co. Ltd., said in a statement.

“I am really pleased that Parsun, the largest Chinese outboard manufacturer, has chosen to work with OXE Marine in promoting and distributing our products in mainland China. I was impressed with their due diligence and their focus on quality and customer care. Both parties are keen to continue the collaboration and in due time deepen the relationship in the Chinese market. This is an important step for OXE as we see China as a core market going forward,” Myron Mahendra, CEO of OXE Marine, said.

OXE Marine has developed the world’s first high performance diesel outboard, the OXE200. OXE Marine was founded in 2012, and has developed a patented outboard transmission, enabling the use of high torque diesel engines on an outboard. The concept eliminates bevel gears and transfer shafts by utilizing innovative belt technology, which allows for high torque transfer. The company has launched a more powerful OXE diesel engine, the OXE300, with 300 hp at the propeller and 502 ft-lb of torque transfer.

Suzhou Parsun Power Machine was founded in 2001 in Suzhou, China. The Parsun brand and patents are registered in the U.S., China, Canada and over 100 other countries. Parsun is a subsidiary of Dong Fang Precision, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.