After 21 years, Laborde Products has chosen a new look to reflect the continuous growth and innovative nature of its business. On opening day of the International WorkBoat Show, Laborde Products revealed the inception of its rebranded logo; however, it doesn’t stop there. This rebranding will include a complete “overhaul” of the company’s website, graphics, correspondence and more.

This evolution will allow Laborde Products to convey complex solutions in a more clear and understandable way. Within the last couple of years, Laborde Products has undergone substantial growth, internally and market wide. With its focus to the future and a new chapter in its business, rebranding became self-evident. Laborde’s passion remains unmoved with a refreshed mantra of “Powering Products, Empowering People”, and that’s only the beginning, company officials said.

“We are excited to launch the new Laborde image that honors the past and modernizes our image for the future,” Brain Laborde, president of Laborde Products, said in a statement announcing the rebranding.

Laborde Products provides engine solutions for approximately one-third of the U.S., as well as the U.S. Gulf Coast for the marine and industrial markets, company officials said. The engine distributor specializes in custom packaged diesel-powered equipment, generators, pumps, service and support to meet the needs of those markets.