Laborde Products has been chosen to be a SteyrMotors distributor, which Laborde says will help increase business and provide even better service for its customers.

Based in Covington, La., Laborde will offer sales, service and support throughout Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. Laborde will also offer dealer support along the Eastern seaboard of Mexico, from the Texas border to Cancun.

“Steyr engines offer unmatched performance and durability. We’re proud to serve as distributor and provide world-class service and sales to customers,” says Rick Granger, Laborde dealer development manager, in a company news release. “We hope to expand both our businesses with this relationship. In addition to supporting the current marine market, we also hope to explore new commercial markets for Steyr marine engines.”

Laborde’s technicians have already started their training with a three-day class covering the study of all Steyr engine systems for the MO and SE series. Topics covered included basic engine and propulsion system selection, engine setup, monitoring and trouble-shooting, Steyr diagnostic tool 1 and 2, familiarization of exclusive Steyr options and mechanical setup and maintenance.