Damen Shipyard Group is unveiling its new lineup of ship-handling tugs at the International Tug, Salvage & OSV Convention in Marseilles, France, featuring the RSD Tug 2513.

Dedicated to ship handling, the 2513 achieves 70 metric tons of bollard pull in both push and pull modes, always bow first and using its patented Twin Fin skeg design for safety. Damen markets the design as “a safe, simple and efficient concept, ideal for terminal operations.”

A new series of compact multi-purpose vessels, the ASD Tug 2312 and ASD Tug 2813, meets the needs of ship handling and other missions including salvage and coastal towing.

In both push and pull modes the designs respectively have 60 tons and 80 tons bollard pull. The 2312 has Maritime Labour Convention-compliant accommodations for a crew of six and aft deck are of 54 square meters. The 2813 has accommodations for 10 and an aft deck of 82 square meters.

In addition to its new designs, Damen has updated its ASD Tug 2810 to the 2811, and is introducing an upgraded ASD Tug 3212, which was first introduced at ITS 2012.

All these next generation vessels are laid out to comply with the new stability regulations, initiated as Harmonized Class rules and enforced by the International Maritime Organization for adaptation in January 2020.

“Increasing the standards for stability requirements is a clear and necessary answer of the IMO and classification societies to the increasing power and compactness of modern ship-handling tugs to ensure maximum safety in operations,” according to Damen.

New Damen tugs are equipped with a modular Marine NOx Reduction System, to enable compliance with IMO Tier III regulations. The system achieves flexibility for owners to comply with the newest emission regulations - which will be gradually extended over the world’s ports - directly from the start of building, during building or even as easy retrofit.

Tugs are equipped with the new Damen Digital Platform, built to deal with the everyday challenges in operations planning and maintenance and enable customers to increase efficiency of their operations for a sustainable future.

“We have been working hard as a team on the development of this next generation,” Damen product manager tugs Dirk Degroote said in announcing the new lineup. “We knew it was important not to reinvent the wheel. Our vessels have proven themselves reliable and efficient over the years and still have much to offer. That being the case, the development of the next generation series has been about taking the best of our existing vessels and adding innovation to deliver a range of vessels fit for the future.”