BAE Systems’ shiplift complex in Jacksonville, Florida, will expand the industrial base capacities that are essential for national defense, as well as for the U.S. and international maritime industry. 

BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair’s planned shiplift complex will expand industrial base capacity, which is not possible with existing dry-docking facilities today. Such expansion will help retain the essential capability for national defense, as well as for the U.S. and international maritime industry.

The Facility

BAE Systems Jacksonville Ship Repair (JSR) is a fully-facilitized shipyard located two miles up the St. Johns River from the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As well as being a major commercial port (with heavy importation of goods by sea), Jacksonville, Florida is a major U.S. Navy Fleet Concentration Area. More than a dozen U.S. Navy ships rely upon sustainment from the private industrial base, which prominently includes JSR. JSR is expanding its shipyard through the design, construction, and commissioning of a new shiplift complex. A shiplift allows for hauling ships out of the water. The ships then will be transported via Self Propelled Modular Transport to a new land level facility. The new JSR shiplift complex will increase dry docking capacity from two large-hulled ships today to as many as six vessels simultaneously. At project completion, JSR will have the most capable facility in the southeast United States, with the ability to service and maintain:

  • Cruise ships
  • Offshore support/supply/crew boats
  • Private super yachts
  • Research & government vessels
  • Tugs and barges
  • U.S. Coast Guard vessels
  • U.S. Navy vessels

The Benefits


  • Increases dry docking maintenance space by nearly 300%
  • Accommodation for vessels up to 600 feet long, 100 feet beam, displacing up to 10,000 tons
  • Provides flexibility to accomplish emergent repairs not possible with current JSR configuration
  • Simultaneously dry-dock a wide range of U.S. Navy ships, commercial vessels, and private super yachts

The Efficiency

BAE Systems’ shiplift complex is envisioned to deliver lower docking costs, greater schedule flexibility, increased maintenance efficiency, and nearly continuous dry docking availability. In addition, there are other benefits of the complex:

  • 75% fewer maintenance and dredging days (and associated costs) per year.
  • Lower environmental impact by containing construction waste and reducing water contamination.
  • Production personnel can work on multiple vessels concurrently.
  • Fewer out-of-service days for dry docking capability.

The Schedule

JSR intends to commence on-site construction activities in early 2023, with an anticipated in-service date in early 2025.

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