Reader wants to know the cost of the boats 

In reference to the February 2014 story (“Target Practice”) on the new Range Training Support Craft being built at Modutech Marine, the three boats being built appear to be multiuse, which is a good sign that the government may have figured out the value in not building task-specific all the time.

However, I think it would be appropriate in all your articles regarding vessels built for the United States to state the cost, so we have yet another reason to groan about how our tax dollars are spent.

E. Davies Allan 

Westport Island, Maine 


Editor’s note: Yes, I agree. When we have that information it should always be part of the story. After some digging, I found out that Modutech Marine was awarded a $22,969,674 contract for the three Range Training Support Craft for the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). 







There’s more to life than just working on a boat 

I read your “Grey hair and brownwater” Editor’s Watch and Pamela Glass’ “Skill Set” cover story in the March issue.

Maybe as a younger man, the allure of life at sea compensated for days away from shore. However, with maturity and missed family events comes the realization that there is more to life than just work.  

Compare a shore-side 40-hour workweek (2,080 hours or 25% of the year and home every night) to an equal time schedule (away 182 days). Add in travel days, money and off time spent on physical examinations, visiting the REC or TWIC center, attending required training (STCW, CPR, etc.), and you realize that more than half a mariner’s life is devoted to work.  

In order to attract and retain skilled labor, industry and government need to focus not only on continuing to improve the work environment, but also appreciate the need for quality off time and minimizing any burdens.

Capt. Joe Cross 

Tampa Bay, Fla.