In November, Master Boat Builders, Bayou La Batre, Ala., delivered the 201'×48'×16', DP-2 offshore service vessel Harvey Gladiator to Harvey GulfInternational Marine, New Orleans.

Designed by the shipyard, the vessel was modified while under construction to carry 3,300 bbls. of methanol in four tanks, according to Andre Dubroc, Master Boat’s general manager.

Other capacities include 103,000 gals. fuel; 1,522 bbls. liquid mud; and 2,700 bbls. bulk mud in two tanks. The rear cargo deck measures 146'×40' and can carry up to 800 LT of deck freight.

Main propulsion comes from a pair of Caterpillar 3512C diesels, producing 1,911 hp at 1,600 rpm each. The Cats connect to Rolls-Royce Hung Chin 82"×70", 5-bladed propellers through Twin Disc MGX-5600 red slip clutch marine gears with 5.04:1 reduction ratios. The propulsion package gave the new OSV a sea-trial speed of 12 knots and an 11-knot speed loaded. 

The boat was also fitted with three frequency-drive Omega 1160 450-hp channel thrusters. 

Ship’s service power comes from twin Cat C32 parallel operation gensets, sparking 910 kW of electrical power each.

The EC-300DP controls are from Twin Disc, the Jastram split-rudder steering system was supplied by Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics, the DP-2 system was manufactured by Kongsberg, the 114 cu. m/hr at 99.9% N2 nitrogen system is from Prism, and the electronics suite was supplied by New World Electronics.

The new OSV is ABS classed Maltese Cross A-1, AMS DPS-2 Offshore Support Vessel, Loadline under 100 GT and Coast Guard-certified, Subchapters L and I.

The Harvey Gladiator and a sistership were originally part of a multiboat contract for Abdon Callais Offshore. Harvey Gulf purchased ACO’s assets in October 2013 for $460 million.

Master Boat Builders also delivered the third of six 201'×48'×18' OSVs to Seacor Marine in January. The yard designed the Seacor Brave and worked with Seacor on some other design details.

Dubroc said that the 2,031-DWT DP-2 Seacor Brave has a lot of capacity for its size. Tankage includes 5,000 bbls. of liquid mud; 4,500 cu. ft. bulk mud in four 1,500-cu.-ft. tanks; and 139,758 gals. fuel. The new OSV also has a 144'×38', 600-LT capacity cargo deck.

Main propulsion comes from twin Caterpillar 3512C Tier 3 diesel engines, each producing 1,911 hp at 1,600 rpm. The Cats are connected to 82"×70", 5-bladed bronze propellers through Twin Disc MGX-5600 red slip clutch marine gears with 5.04:1 reduction ratios. The propulsion package produced a running speed of 12 knots (11 knots with a full load) during sea trials.

The Seacor Brave has four Schottel thrusters — two STT 1FP, 600-hp electric, frequency-drive bowthrusters and two STT 170FP, 300-hp electric, frequency-drive stern thrusters.

The vessel has a Jastram split rudder steering system supplied by Gulf Coast Air & Hydraulics, Twin Disc EC-300DP controls, and a Kongsberg K-Pos DPS-2 system. The electronics package was provided by New World Electronics.

Two parallel-operating Caterpillar C32 gensets, rated at 910 kW each, provide the Seacor Brave’s service power.

The new OSV also carries a FiFi1 firefighting system driven by twin dedicated Cat C32 diesels rated at 1,000 hp each. “This is a full FiFi1 system that encases the boat in water,” Dubroc said.

Accommodations include 37 berths for 36 offshore workers and crew. The Seacor Brave is USCG certified, Subchapter L; ABS Maltese Cross A-1 classed; AMS; DPS-2 Offshore Support Vessel, Loadline under 1,600 tons; ITC; SOLAS; IMO; ABS Maltese Cross Fire Fighting vessel Class 1.

— Ken Hocke