Last Friday, I attended the christening of the Shelia Bordelon, the second Stingray 260-class DP-2 ultralight intervention vessel for Lockport, La.-based Bordelon Marine. The ceremony was held at Bordelon Marine Shipbuilders in Houma, La.

The OSV's namesake, Shelia Harasimowicz (left), and Wes Bordelon. Photo by Ken HockeThe 257'x52'x18' offshore service vessel is named for Shelia Harasimowicz, the mother-in-law of company president and CEO Wes Bordelon. Harasimowicz is also a two-time cancer survivor.

 “For 35 years, we’ve named our boats after family members, and this one is no different,” Bordelon told the estimated crowd of 200. The boat boasts a long pink stripe along the vessel’s hull in support of the fight against breast cancer. “It brings awareness to a great cause. We’ve partnered with the Susan G. Komen foundation. Bordelon will contribute a portion of the proceeds from the vessel to the Komen foundation.” The contributions will continue for at least a year.

Komen officials said the efforts of Bordelon Marine have already raised about $52,000 and the boat hasn't gone to work yet. "Seventy-five cents of every dollar stays in the community," said Bordelon. "I want to thank our business partners and other individual companies."

Bordelon also thanked the men and women who built the boat, pointing out that they rarely get any thanks publicly. “So often I get the credit,” Bordelon said. “It’s so often the people behind the scenes don’t get the credit.”


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