J&B Manufacturing, Chauvin, La., delivered the new aluminum 50'x15'x7' shallow water offshore crewboat Mister P to J&B Boat Rental in November.

Main propulsion comes from a pair of Cummins Tier 3 QSL 9 diesel engines, producing 450 hp at 2,100 rpm each. The mains connect to 30'x38' Michigan Wheel 4-bladed propellers through ZF 325A marine gears with 2:1 reduction ratios. The propulsion package will give the new crewboat a running speed of 27 knots.

The rear cargo deck measures 16'x10' and can carry up to 6,000 lbs. of freight. Inside, Mister P can haul a two-person crew and up to 27 passengers.

Ship’s service power comes from a Phasor 15 kW genset. Capacities include 500 gals. of fuel and 200 gals. potable water. ZF manufactured the Micro Commanded controls and Hy Nautic supplied the steering system.   

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