Damen Shipyards Group has signed a license agreement with Morgan City, La.-based Conrad Industries to build two Damen Multi Cat 3013s for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp.

The two vessels will be the first Damen Multi Cats to be built in the U.S. Fully compliant with the Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers stability criteria, the Multi Cats 3013s will be used for dredging support operations.

“This is a milestone moment for the U.S. shipping industry and our company," Lasse Patterson, CEO, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, said in a statement announcing the deal. “The Multi Cats will give us the ability to dredge with enhanced operating efficiencies needed to maintain our shorelines and waterways.”

With its large winches and deck cranes, the Multi Cat is designed to perform a wide range of tasks including handling submerged and floating pipelines as well as anchor handling and logistics supply. Large tank capacities onboard will ensure the Multi Cats can also supply dredgers with the required replenishments.

The companies say that the Multi Cat brings efficiency to a project, eliminating the need for assorted floating support equipment such as derrick barges, towboats and anchor barges. It also significantly increases operational safety of operations, enabling hose and pipe maintenance works to take place securely on deck reducing the risk of man overboards compared to standard industry methods utilizing floating pontoons, Damen and Conrad say.

“These Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) licencing agreements are a means by which U.S.-based operators are able to access Damen’s proven vessel portfolio in a manner fully compliant with the Jones Act,” Damen sales manager Daan Dijxhoorn said. “Licence holders construct the vessel themselves in the country, drawing upon Damen’s experience in the engineering and production of the platform and on Damen’s support throughout the building process.”

DTC support is tailored to the yard’s requirements. Assistance can be anything from provision of initial drawings to the supply of parts packages to on-site consultancy. Damen designs built under licence in the U.S. cover a wide range of vessel types including those operating in the harbour towage, terminal operations, offshore and dredging sectors.

Construction of the first Multi Cat 3013 will begin at Conrad Shipyard on July 13.


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