Yesterday the House Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation held a hearing on “Implementing U.S. Policy in the Arctic.”

The Subcommittee's goal was to review how the agencies that will play the largest roles in the Arctic intend to implement the National Strategy for the Arctic Region, as well as enhance their presence, understanding and mission effectiveness in the area.

In his testimony, Vice Adm. Peter V. Neffenger, vice commandant of the Coast Guard, described the mobile and seasonal operations the Coast Guard has conducted in the Arctic, as well as the challenges posed by this unique operating environment that demands specialized capabilities and personnel trained and equipped to operate in extreme climates. 

"As human activity gradually increases, the Coast Guard’s regional mission profile will continue to evolve," Neffenger said. "Operating in ice-impacted waters is challenging, requiring specialized infrastructure and equipment, plus well-trained personnel, to achieve successful outcomes. The Coast Guard will continue to tailor operations and prioritize future collaborative efforts to match risk trends, maximize stewardship of resources and assess out-year needs to ensure it can serve the nation’s interest in the Arctic. This strategy is consistent with our service’s approach to performing its maritime safety, security and stewardship missions."

You can watch the complete hearing below. (Video does not begin until past the 25-minute mark. Neffinger's testimony begins around the 30-minute mark.)

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