Efforts continued Tuesday to refloat an Evergreen Marine Corp. container vessel that ran aground Sunday in upper Chesapeake Bay.

The 1,095’x157’ Ever Forward was stuck in Maryland waters near Craighill Channel south of the Patapsco River, after running aground while enroute from Baltimore to Norfolk.

The Coast Guard and Maryland state Department of the Environment are coordinating the response to the grounding, which followed days of strong west wind and lower than usual tides. Higher tides with an approaching full moon could help.

In an update issued late Tuesday, Coast Guard officials said "a Captain of the Port Order has been issued by the Coast Guard requiring the vessel’s crew to conduct soundings of all tanks, bilges, and voids every four hours to monitor potential pollution and report any noticeable change in stability, draft readings, vessel position, or signs of an oil discharge. 

"Additionally, the Coast Guard is enforcing a 500-yard safety zone around the Ever Forward to ensure the safety of those on and around the vessel as well as the safety of the marine environment during ongoing salvage operations."

Another Evergreen vessel, the Ever Given, famously ran aground and shut down the Suez Canal in 2021. The Ever Forward is not interfering with Chesapeake traffic lanes according to the Coast Guard. However vessels operating in the vicinity are still required to conduct one-way traffic and transit at a reduced speed. 

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