Gulf Coast Shipyard Group has launched the first of six 302’x64’ dual fuel offshore supply vessels for New Orleans-based Harvey Gulf International Marine. The LNG-fueled OSV will be moved to GCSG’s newly commissioned space at the Port of Gulfport, Miss., in mid-March for final completion and testing. The vessel will be christened and enter service a few months later.

“The launch of the first vessel of its kind in the United States, with another five to follow, demonstrates the commitment both Gulf Coast Shipyard Group and Harvey Gulf have to providing engineering solutions to advance environmental technologies,” said John Dane III, Gulf Coast Shipyard Group’s president and CEO. 

“Certification of these vessels will be made by the American Bureau of Shipping to achieve ‘ENVIRO+, Green Passport’ status," said Harvey Gulf CEO Shane J. Guidry. "To meet the criteria, GSCG has met the requirements that the vessel be constructed with environmentally-friendly materials and feature advanced alarm systems. Ultimately, the vessel will also be continuously manned by a certified environmental officer.”