New 6,000-hp towboat design from MiNO Marine

MiNO Marine LLC, Jefferson, La., has announced that the second vessel based on its new 6,000-hp inland towboat design will be built Conrad Amelia Shipyard. It will be built for an unnamed operator.

The MiNO 6000-class towboat design measures 166’x49’x12′. It will be propelled by two conventional propellers within Kort nozzles each driven by a 3,000-hp, Tier 4 compliant engine. The first vessel is fitted with EMD engines, while the second will be fitted with GE engines.

The pilothouse is divided into two sections, one floating and one fixed. The floating section sits atop vibration isolators which are air bellows or spring type depending on owner preference. The hull form was developed through extensive engineering analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods to yield an efficient hull form suitable for a wide range of operating conditions while also minimizing potential for flow induced vibrations. Extensive structural vibration analyses using finite element (FE) techniques were made so as to minimize resonant structural vibrations thus ensuring greater crew comfort.

MiNO Marine, a naval architecture and marine professional services firm, provides design and analysis services to a wide range of clients including, but not limited to shipyards, vessel operators, and other engineering firms on both commercial and government projects.

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