Dometic has been supplying the commercial marine industry with custom tempered water systems for over 30 years and most recently with a complete line of direct expansion systems as well.


The most popular ad preferred style is the modular chiller concept. Dometic pioneered this concept from design requirements from various builders. Dometic has become well known for this style to the point that it has become an industry standard for new construction as well as for retrofit projects. The systems are installed in individual stages, which keeps the refrigerant components intact and completely sealed. This concept is the solution as the modules can be arranged in different configurations to fit almost any installation requirement. All modular chillers are designed to handle the harsh marine environment with aluminum frames, hermetic compressors, stainless steel flat plate evaporators and titanium water-cooled condenser coils. Additionally, The Tempered Water controllers range from a very simple PLC control with basic monitoring and functionality to a fully automatic system with dynamic PLC control functions.


Dometic’ success with all aspects of tempered water installations led to the next significant advancement in the marine HVAC industry. Dometic focused a great deal of time listening to customers that were using “off the shelf” land based direct expansion condensing units that failed quickly. These condensers were simply not designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Dometic’s new Durasea line of condensing units was the answer. The Durasea condensing unit was complete and fresh design that incorporated some unique features that dramatically extended the service life of the units.

Here are some of the upgrade marinized components utilized:

    • Copper/copper or coated coils
    • All stainless steel chassis
    • Side mounted total sealed marine grade fan motor with carbon fiber
    • As well as well a host of other options

The Durasea units were designed as a direct replacement in the retrofit market while also providing great option for cooling in the new construction market. This great system also offers piece of mind with a 2-year warranty.




The newest and most exciting line of Dometic commercial system started as a detailed discussion with a customer at the International Workboat Show. Dometic learned that water-cooled condenser systems that were installed on shallow tugs were experiencing higher maintenance intervals. These tugs needed a system that did not rely on seawater cooling for the condensers, due to the limitations of performance in shallow water applications. The solution was to design an air cooled tempered water system with the same proof of concept as the Durasea Direct Expansion System. That was exactly what the engineers did. These units sit outside on the deck and they are connected to the tempered water heat exchangers mounted inside the vessel. The system has a tempered water loop that is connected to our Dometic tempered water air handlers located in each of the accommodation areas around the vessel. These individual air handlers allows each individual space to have control to meet the comfort level for all the individuals onboard. Each air handler is equipped with an evaporator coil, three way valve, high velocity blower, and positive draining condensate pan. Air handlers can also be equipped with optional integrated resistive heat and UV light air purification. The air handler units are controlled by our Captouch display, which provides fully intuitive operating system for heating, cooling, and humidity control.

This system is a perfect combination of two great systems that have been providing the marine industry with cooling and heating for many years. 

With input from our valued customers, Dometic has now created a new option for our shallow water workboat operators. We have now installed several systems over the last year, with great success. We look forward to watching this business grow in the years to come.