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Index begins 2015 on a down note

By David Krapf

The WorkBoat Composite Index opened 2015 with a loss, dropping 1.5% in January. The 25-point drop was mostly attributed to operators, who lost just over 4%. For the month, losers topped winners by a ratio of about 4-1.

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Close Calls

By Dale K. DuPont

Close Calls

Rec boaters are putting commercial mariners on edge.

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By Dave Krapf

The keel for the Navy’s 13th Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Wichita, was officially laid in a ceremony held at Marinette Marine Corp. in Marinette, Wis., in early February.

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Liability for medical malpractice

By Daniel J. Hoerner

The Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit (Alabama, Florida and Georgia) has opened the door to a potential flood of liability exposure for vessel operators for negligence of shipboard doctors and other medical personnel.   Continued »

Same damn wind

By Gene McKeever

I wrote this column while sitting in my office with the space heater going because it was 12° outside, fierce hurricane force winds were blowing and blizzard conditions were supposed to last for a day or more. Continued »

What comes around, goes around

By Kevin Horn

Decade-old newspaper headlines about oil prices look a lot like they do today. Continued »

Oil price rebound?

By Bill Pike

The impact of low oil prices continues to plague the OSV market, resulting in lower day rates and utilization and more idle equipment. While the industry frets over the timing of an oil price recovery, several predictions indicate help may be on the way in 2016 or sooner.

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Things I learned at PVA

By Capt. Alan Bernstein

In Long Beach, Calif., in February, I attended my 35th Passenger Vessel Association convention. This year’s event was packed with seminars, sessions and roundtables that covered everything from vessel operations to the latest trends in marketing. Here are a few things from this year’s PVA show:

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Checklists can be good

By Joel Milton

In my December 2014 column I discussed the proliferation of administrative duties and safety checklists that mariners must deal with.

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Washington State Ferries management shakeup

By Bruce Buls

According to a blog by Mike Lindblom at the Seattle Times, the newly appointed chief of Washington State Ferries, Lynne Griffith, is restructuring her top management team by adding more job titles that will report directly to her. Continued »