Safeguarding Your USCG Marine License & Livelihood

Now is more important than ever to protect your license from USCG inquiries and other civil or criminal allegations arising from shipping casualties. Whether you are a pilot, operate a tug towboat or passenger vessel, or have an OUPV license, you face multiple risks during any given work day. Protecting yourself from litigation has never been easier with 360 Coverage Pros Marine License Insurance….

360 Coverage Pros Marine License Insurance

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      Brian Murphy on

      Hi Tom – we developed this product as a very competitive alternative in a market with very few options. Coverage can be purchased on an individual basis through the online platform (link is above) or as a discounted group policy for a company’s captains, engineers or other licensed officers. If you’re a company owner or risk manager, we can work through your existing broker. I’m a KP grad and have spent time at sea and am very familiar with exposures that mariners face and the coverages needed. Please let me know if you’d like to discuss further and we can connect offline.

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