OSV Day Rates

Editor’s note, April 1, 2017: Effective with WorkBoat’s April 2017 issue, we are suspending our monthly offshore service vessel day rates and fleet utilization report. We launched our OSV day rates and utilization survey in the magazine over 20 years ago. The survey initially included 32 OSV operators. Due to the depressed U.S. Gulf offshore services market, several OSV companies that had been longtime contributors to the survey have dropped out or are no longer operating. Due to this erosion in the number of survey respondents, we feel that we can no longer offer an accurate snapshot of U.S. Gulf supply vessel and crewboat rates and utilization. We fully intend to resume the survey once market conditions improve, and we can once again offer accurate data.

WorkBoat Day Rates are a collection of OSV and crewboat day rates and fleet utilization information obtained through our monthly survey of U.S. Gulf offshore service vessel companies. We offer users to easily digestible ways to to view this data:

  • We offer comprehensive downloads that will allow you use and sort full data sheets to fit the needs of your individual projects. Below are the data sets available for purchase from our online store.

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