WorkBoat 2014 Tug Report

2014-Tug-ReportWant to know what’s in store for the U.S. tug sector?

The demand for new harbor tugs is slower than what it was a few years ago, but there’s cautious optimism for more new tugboat construction. Washburn & Doughty, the premier builder of tugs in the Northeast, saw business slow in 2012, but activity increased somewhat in 2013 as the yard managed to deliver a steady stream of tugs built to both in-house and outside designs. On the design front, Robert Allan is now using computational fluid dynamics to predict escort-tug performance.

In the WorkBoat 2014 Tug Report, we take a look at tug construction in the U.S. The report is not all-inclusive, but provides a great snapshot of tug building activity focusing on what’s being built in the tug escort and assist, harbor tug and other markets.

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