Yacht Mechanic / Outside Machinist, Pipefitters / Plumbers

Company: Savannah Yacht Center

Location: Savannah, GA

Position Summary:
The Outside Machinist/Yacht Mechanic services, repairs and/or replaces ships machinery such as drivelines (including bearings and seals), main propulsion equipment, hydraulic and electric thrusters, generator plants and all other auxiliary systems. The Outside Machinist/Yacht Mechanic is also responsible for planning and executing all major equipment lifts and movements in a safe manner and to ensure all work is performed in accordance with relevant class requirements.

The Pipefitter/Plumber is responsible for completing marine plumbing, inspections, rebuilds, modifications, repairs, and maintenance for yacht piping systems. This work will be completed for vessels in service in addition to facility work which will require the Pipefitter/Plumber to meet each commitment not only with precision, but also delivering service with a reassuring style.

About the Company:
Colonial Group, Inc. is a family owned, well-established, award-winning distributor of fuel, nationally branded lubricants and diesel exhaust fluid. Colonial has locations in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. Our newest venture, Savannah Yacht Center, is a deep-water maintenance, repair and re-fit facility on the Savannah River in coastal Georgia, dedicated to servicing the mega-yacht industry.

How to Apply:
Please send resume to careers@colonialgroupinc.com or submit an application online on our website at https://savannahyc.com/syc-careers/.

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