HIRING!! Un-licensed Engineer and Master of Towing

Un-licensed Engineer Job Description


Un-licensed Engineer

Reports to:

The Tug Engineer reports to the Port Engineer.


The Tug Engineer supervises the Engine Department at the Captain’s direction.

Description of Duties:

  • Operates and maintains all onboard machinery in accordance with the policies and procedures in the Vessel Operations Manual. Machinery includes but is not necessarily limited to: main engines; generators; steering gear; other electric, pneumatic and hydraulic auxiliary machinery; deck machinery; and, piping systems and appurtenances.
  • Maintains all arrangements, systems and components related to the watertight integrity of the vessel.
  • Coordinates with Captain to maintain vessel’s trim and stability by gauging tanks and reporting results, and conducting any transfers deemed necessary.
  • Ensures availability of parts and materials on the vessel’s Critical Equipment list.
  • Superintends the procurement, loading, discharge, transfer and use of all potable water, ballast water, fuel oil and lube oil, ascertaining that said products are of proper quality and quantity. Serves as Person in Charge (PIC) for transfers and makes required log and record book entries.
  • Performs Planned Maintenance in accordance with the Vessel Operations Manual.
  • Completes repairs as directed by the Port Engineer.
  • Conducts required periodic audits and inspections.
  • Completes, submits and maintains required engineering reports, forms and logs.
  • Participates in all training, drills and exercises.
  • Performs assigned firefighting, man overboard and abandon ship duties as assigned on the Station Bill.
  • Project a positive company image and maintain professional, amicable relationships with customers, pilots, terminal personnel and the public at all times.
  • Other duties as may be assigned.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $200.00 /day

Master of Towing Job Description


Master of Towing

Reports to:

The Master reports to the General Manager or his/her designated representative.


The Master is responsible for and is required to supervise all crewmembers of the vessel to which he/she is assigned.

Description of Duties:

  • Master of a tug or towing vessel.
  • Vessel Security Officer (VSO) in charge of implementing and maintaining the AWO Alternative Security Program.
  • Serve as Officer in Charge of the Navigation Watch.
  • Assess and maintain vessel seaworthiness.
  • Ensure the availability and serviceability of required life saving equipment.
  • Verify the serviceability of all installed fire detection and fire fighting systems and equipment.
  • Require accommodations to be maintained in safe, clean condition at all times.
  • Provide clear direction to subordinates.
  • Prepare periodic performance evaluations for subordinates.
  • Maintain vessel and crew readiness for emergency responses.
  • Conduct and report the results of periodic vessel audits and inspections.
  • Operate and maintain the assigned vessel in accordance with the quality, safety, security and environmental protection policies and procedures in the Vessel Operations Manual.
  • Organize and conduct required training, drills and exercises.
  • Complete, submit and maintain required records, logs and reports.
  • Ensure adequate vessel manning and watches.
  • Project a positive company image and maintain professional, amicable relationships with customers, pilots, terminal personnel and the public at all times.
  • Other duties as may be assigned by the General Manager or his/her designated representative.


  • Current U.S. Coast Guard license for Master Towing Vessels, with appropriate tonnage rating and radar endorsement.
  • Current U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential, applicable rating.
  • STCW Certification.
  • Valid Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC).
  • Pass pre-employment drug test.
  • Pass pre-employment physical test.
  • Minimum one year serving as Master or Mate of towing vessels.

Physical Requirements:

The unpredictable, ever-changing and inherently dangerous nature of tug and towing operations require the Captain to be physically qualified to ensure his/her own safety, as well as that of the vessel and crew. It is required to pass the U.S. Coast Guard physical test. Specific physical requirements include:

  • Adequate vision (i.e., absent any color blindness or impairment that cannot be corrected with prescription lenses).
  • Adequate hearing.
  • Capable of walking and standing on wet surfaces for extended periods of time.
  • Able to handle heavy lines and operate heavy machinery.
  • Ability to climb a 12-foot ladder without assistance.
  • Ability to hoist oneself up and over a 12-inch wide, 6-foot-high barrier.
  • Sufficient strength to lift minimum:
  • 100 lbs. from deck to waist level;
  • 50 lbs. from deck to shoulder level;
  • 35 lbs. from deck to overhead; and
  • Pull (drag) 120 lbs. at least 20 feet.

Training Requirements:

  • New Hire Familiarization Checklist (BTS-6102, BTS-6103)
  • Security Qualification Checklist – Vessel Security Officer
  • Vessel Orientation Checklist
  • Vessel Familiarization Checklist – Captains / Mates

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $450.00 /day  

Must have T.W.I.C. Minimum 2 years offshore experience

Email resumes to: a.castillo@bmg-pr.com

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