Ferry Mechanic

Company: Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District
Job Title: Ferry Mechanic
Location: California

Position Summary:
Performs inspection, maintenance, trouble-shooting, repair, removal and replacement on all machinery, electrical, piping and control systems and associated electrical/electronic systems as required, including record keeping and written verification of work accomplished.

Essential Functions:

 Working with computers on a daily basis for work scheduling, work order entry and work order reporting on the Districts electronic maintenance system in addition to notifications and communications through email.
 Interacts on a regular basis with vessel operations personnel i.e., Senior Deckhands, Vessel Masters, Supervising Vessel Masters and also coordinates with terminal management.
 Conducts tests, analyses and measurements as directed to diagnose any unusual, erratic or malfunctioning occurrence in any shipboard or terminal system or component (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, piping and electronic control systems).
 Reports any unusual wear patterns, noise, pressure, temperature, or changes in voltage, current, cycles, resistance or any other indication of potential malfunction.
 Reports all safety hazards and corrects unsafe situations immediately where possible.
 Records engine operating data, inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs and overhauls as directed for input into the electronic maintenance system.
 Signing out in the electronic maintenance system the consumables used for any maintenance function including all information on old and new parts used for repairs or overhaul.
 Immediately reports to supervisor any potential maintenance problem or condition which could cause a possible schedule delay.
 Maintains all work areas, special tools and equipment used in performing maintenance function, in a clean and orderly manner.
 Performs the functions of clean up, painting, fueling, oil changes, machinery space cleaning and other such duties as directed.
 Knows and follows the safety and health rules and safe working practices applicable to job.
 Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with District employees, customers, vendors and all others contacted during the course of work using principles of excellent customer service.
 Performs additional related duties as assigned.
 Regular and reliable attendance and performance are required.

 Familiarity with monitoring and inspection of main propulsion and auxiliary machinery and other supporting systems (i.e., electrical, plumbing, electronics, hydraulics and HVAC in a commercial marine application).
 Considerable knowledge of electrical/electronic systems and ability to troubleshoot same.

 Knowledge of occupational health and safety rules and working practices applicable to this position.
 Ability to maintain corrective and preventative maintenance records using a computer based maintenance management information system.
 Ability to perform tasks with limited direction, and minimal supervision.
 Ability to perform basic MS Windows based software for data entry, work order processing and materials requisition.

Minimum Qualifications:
 Completion of a four (4) year apprenticeship program or approved equivalent as a marine mechanic OR four (4) years of recent experience maintaining and repairing marine high speed propulsion machinery (large bore diesels, waterjets, gearboxes shafting systems), pumps and piping systems, HVAC systems, Electrical wiring and motor controllers, PLC based control system, hydraulic systems (P-Comp and load sensing variable displacement) and other complex electronics and machinery commonly found in a marine environment.
 Experience in maintenance and troubleshooting electronic engine controls are preferred.
 Experience operating machine shop equipment (such as lathes, mills, drill presses, grinders, presses, pipe threading machines, band saws and all types of welding equipment) is desirable.
 Considerable knowledge of electrical/electronic systems is desirable.

 Must possess and maintain a current, valid California driver’s license and satisfactory driving record (Operates District Vehicles).
 No DUI’s or Reckless Driving codes within the last 7 years.
 No more than two moving violations within the last 3 years.

Working Environment and Conditions:
 Requires frequent and extensive physical activities such as: lifting and manipulating up to 50 lbs., bending, standing, stooping, kneeling, twisting, climbing, gripping, and other movements related to essential duties
 Work around fumes, odors and dust in an occasionally high noise level environment with appropriate personal protective equipment.
 Ability to wear a respirator and be fit tested.
 Must wear hearing protections when performing certain duties.

 Must have a full set of journey level hand tools to accomplish assigned work

 Shifts are scheduled based on seniority.
 The Ferry Maintenance Department operates 7 days per week, except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s day.
 Must be available to work all shifts; some overtime maybe required to handle emergencies.

About the Company:

How to Apply:

TO APPLY: www.goldengate.org/jobs

Applicants must apply online by the deadline date. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

For directions and general information, visit our website www.goldengate.org.

The District’s primary and official means of application notification is via EMAIL. Thus, applicants are advised to check their email for their application status updates.

1. GGBHT Online Employment Application

2. Resume (Scan and attach as PDF copy to your online application)

3. Evidence of completion of a four-year apprenticeship or equivalent if applicable (Scan and attach as PDF copy to your online application)

4. A copy of your DMV K4 printout (Scan and attach as PDF to your online application)

 For external applicants: The applicant’s submitted DMV K4 Printout should be dated within 30 days from the date of the job posting. A complete DMV K4 report has the word *END* in capital letters at the end of the report.

 For internal applicants (District Employees) who are part of the Pull Notice Program, the Human Resources Department will request the applicant’s DMV report upon receipt of the applicant’s online application.

 Skills Assessment Examination
 Oral Panel Interview
 Departmental interview
 Medical examination, post offer of “conditional employment”
 Background, Employment and Security Investigation

* This position is classified as “Safety Sensitive” and will be required to undergo Drug and Alcohol testing prior to employment and will be subject to further random urine and breathe alcohol testing throughout the period of employment

**The District will invite ONLY those candidates whose qualifications MOST CLOSELY MATCH the position requirements to continue in the selection process.

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