Dredge Administrator/Business Manager

Company: Barnstable County
Job Title: Dredge Administrator/Business Manager
Location: Barnstable County, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Position Summary:
Professional, administrative, and managerial work as required for overseeing and managing the operations of the Barnstable County Dredge Program. Competitive salary with health, dental and vision benefits and county pension plan.

Essential Functions:

Work is of an administrative, professional nature, requiring the exercise of considerable judgement; position requires excellent organizational and communication skills with a specific understanding of dredging in a marine environment, dredge management, field operations and equipment, operation and maintenance budgets, annual reporting, contracting, scheduling of projects with a sensitivity to time of year restrictions on dredge and disposal operations, and an understanding of local, state, and federal laws and permits.
Supervisory and management responsibility of the County Dredge Program as directed by the County Administrator.
Prepares annual operating budgets, assists in identifying Town dredging needs, scheduling of projects, ensuring regulatory compliance and directing the operations of the County Dredge; meets and confers with the Dredge Superintendent and staff, Town officials, general public and other governmental officials;
Oversees all County Dredge Program personnel matters, including recruiting and hiring of staff, developing organizational structure to meet the staffing goals and dredge demands, securing resources for appropriate staff training opportunities, ensuring health and safety measures are in place to protect the safety of workers and mediating personnel disputes.
Oversees the County Dredge Program’s outreach and communications with many different audiences including but not limited to, local, regional, state and federal officials, regulators, business groups, non-profit organizations, news media and the general public.
Assists the County Administrator with the development of County Dredge Program policies and procedures; and
Performs similar or related work as required, directed, or situation dictates.

Minimum Qualifications:
Successful candidates shall hold a bachelor’s degree (B.S.) from an accredited college or university in engineering, construction management, or other related technical field, project supervisory expertise and 10 years relevant experience with the management of dredging and/or marine construction projects. Diverse experience with very strong financial, communication, management, organizational, and supervisory skills essential; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Thorough knowledge of the management, administration and execution of marine dredging and the legal framework of governmental and regulatory agencies/organizations. Knowledge of finance and MUNIS a plus.

Working Environment and Conditions:
Work is generally performed in a typical office setting, with moderate noise from office equipment and light traffic; must attend meetings and represent the County at public forums with exposure to public criticism; may be required to attend evening meetings.
Work may fluctuate during the course of the year, but fluctuations reflect a predictable pattern (e.g., budget preparations, regularly scheduled meetings); may be required to respond to emergency situations.
Has frequent contact with County Dredge Program employees, media representatives, representatives of the 15 towns in the County, vendors, lawyers, state agencies, non-profit agencies and others having business with the County; contacts are in person, by telephone and other means; contact is often on sensitive or confidential matters, requiring careful analysis and judgement

How to Apply:
To apply online or to view a full job description please visit Barnstable County Website, Employment tab at https://www.barnstablecounty.org/barnstable-county/employment-opportunities/.

Deadline to apply is June 15, 2020.

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