Captains, Mates, Engineers, AB Deckhands

US East Coast and Gulf of Mexico

Dann Ocean Towing continues to grow and is looking for experienced Captains, Mates, Engineers and AB Deckhands to work onboard fleet of 16 towing vessels engaged in general towing on the US East and Gulf Coasts.

Dann Ocean Towing Offers:
A Company Committed to Safety
Competitive Day Rates
Paid Travel

Captains & Mates:
Minimum 200 Ton NC, Towing Endorsed License. Dredging experience a plus

License preferred, but not required based on experience

Towing vessel experience

Dann Ocean Towing, Inc (DOT) is committed to safety, quality and environmental protection in all phases of our operations. Through the wide variety of tug boat services we provide, safety remains our consistent focus, ultimately protecting each member of the project team.

We do it the safe way, the right way, every day

Health & Safety

Dann Ocean Towing is committed to safety through its Towing Safety Management System. This system is approved by the United States Coast Guard and audited by Bureau Veritas to ensure safe towing operations and give the crews the training and resources they require to work in a safe and efficient manner. Dann Ocean Towing will not lower its safety standards to accomplish a task.

Environmental Stewardship

Dann Ocean Towing is an active member of the American Waterway Operators and seeks to negate our impact by placing environmental controls over all aspects of company operations. Dann Ocean Towing is 2013 VGP compliant and ensures vessel systems are maintained at the highest levels of efficiency.

USCG Certification

Dann Ocean Towing has been a leader in meeting and exceeding the USCG requirements for the inspection of towing vessels. Dann Ocean Towing received the first ABS Survey of Compliance with Subchapter M, and the Captain Dann was one of the first tugboats in the country to receive a COI. We are well on our way to exceeding the annual requirements for receiving COIs.

Dann Ocean Towing is a fifth generation leading provider of marine towage based in Tampa, FL, serving the US East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and international marine markets.

We are a tugboat company that prides itself on safe and professional services over a wide spectrum of tugboat and towing services.

Apply online at or call (813) 251-5100

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