Pushpin® – ATB Coupling Systems is our business from River- to Ocean / Offshore operations. We do the whole process from Commercial/Technical contract up to After Sales Services. The scope includes classification, engineering, 3-D modelling and supervision of the installation

Pushpin® is an Articulated Tug & Barge (ATB) connecting system. The ATB System can be used for transport of various goods (oil, wood, ore, etc. ) in various operational areas (inland, coastal, offshore). Latest developments include LNG bunker vessels.

We strive to be flexible and adapt to our customer’s project needs. For this reason the customer has a choice of various driving energy solutions for the system (pneumatic, hydraulic, electric), as well as a choice for the extent of modification to the barge, either forming a notch or a modular tubular solution.

ACM-Trading Ltd is a family-owned company located in Naantali, south-west of Finland. The company has been building its reputation within Maritime automation and engineering since 1969.

Our latest development an electro-hydraulic actuators, low energy - low bio degradable hydraulic oil quantity.