Phoenix Lighting has introduced the SturdiSignal Series of navigation lights — a fully modular and serviceable LED navigation light. Phoenix’s design allows for tool-less repair in minutes, without any electrical work, to eliminate costly maintenance calls and reduce overall vessel operation costs. With a spare LED module kept onboard for field repairs, a vessel can always remain safe and compliant.

“For years, operators and naval architects have asked Phoenix for navigation light options that are modular and as durable as our other marine LED fixtures,” Ryan Hertel, chief commercial officer at Phoenix Lighting, said in a statement announcing the new light option. “We’re now proud to announce our SturdiSignal navigation lights, a self-monitoring navigation light that’s serviceable and repairable in the field, without a skilled electrician. These features are designed to keep marine vessels safe and compliant around-the-clock, no matter the circumstance. There has been a surge of initial interest from both our distribution partners and commercial operators.”

These navigation lights are designed to provide safe and reliable illumination for up to six nautical miles, for any vessel over 20m (66') in length. The IP67 rated design will withstand moisture intrusion and the products are designed and tested to Phoenix rigorous rain and moisture tests. The SturdiSignal can be used to replace existing navigation lights or specified into the design of a new vessel along with an alarm panel. They are compliant with COLREGS, ABS, UL1104, Coast Guard regulations and are manufactured in the U.S.

Patented technology utilizes integrated sensors to constantly monitor the brightness intensity and deliver a warning if intensity falls below the levels required by maritime regulations.

The SturdiSignal features a double head autonomous option that automatically alternates LED heads to double the lifespan of a light and automatically switch to an alternate head if one fails or falls below required visibility. Marine operators can tailor Phoenix’s navigation lights to their specific needs by choosing from visibility ranges and color options. The SturdiSignal is available in both AC or DC voltage and has flexible mounting options to match existing bolt patterns.

If required for a new vessel build or retrofit, a modern alarm panel is available from Phoenix and customized to be integrated with Phoenix’s navigation lights monitoring capabilities.

Phoenix navigation lights are designed to improve vessel safety and avoid costly accidents as vessels traverse open waters. You can view the full specification sheet of the SturdiSignal.