TWIC card reader rule effective date delayed

The effective date for implementation of the electronic reader rule for Transportation Worker Identification Credentials (TWIC) has been postponed, the Passenger Vessel Association said today.
The rule was scheduled to go into effect on Aug. 23, but in July Congress passed the TWIC Accountability Act (H.R. 5729), and the president signed it into law on Aug. 2 (Public Law 115-230).
The TWIC Accountability Act restricts the Department of Homeland Security from implementing any rule requiring the use of biometric readers for TWICs until after Congress receives the results of an assessment of the effectiveness of the TWIC program. This assessment has been contracted out to the RAND Corporation. PVA said that it anticipates that the required report will not be delivered to Congress until the summer of 2019 at the earliest.
When it was finalized, the TWIC reader rule exempted nearly all vessels operated by PVA members and most of their facilities as well. However, the rule does require TWIC readers at facilities that receive passenger vessels with a capacity of more than 1,000 passengers. Approximately two dozen facilities of PVA members are affected.
The effect of Public Law 115-230 is to supersede the scheduled Aug. 23 implementation date for the TWIC reader rule, PVA said. PVA was in support of this legislation.

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    The TWIC card has been the biggest farce perpetrated upon the U.S. Mariner ever. It serves not further purpose beyond the issuance of the Mariners Credentials. Never once has my TWIC card been read by a CG member. Never.
    A private security system should be implemented to control all dock workers not holding a CG License. Not a military industrial complex contractor such as Rand or Haliburton which only serve to further their lucrative contracts and increase control over the U.S. Mariner and the population in general, through security, control, and manipulation. Let us look at the shipyard worker that decided he was going to shoot up the yard on the east coast. Now lets look at the port worker that decided he wants to steal an airplane and fly on his own ending tragically. Tell me how a TWIC card prevented these incidents,or even could have prevented them.
    Additionally the TWIC card is extremely and unnecessarily expensive.

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      Was simply a way to create another fat bloated government, “bureaucracy” or organization made up of many departments and divisions that are administered by lots of people. … Bureaucracy has a bad reputation because it has come to mean an organization or government that is chin-deep in red tape and unnecessary procedures. Reckon that pretty much covers it.

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    All it takes is a few people in a small boat to come alongside a “secured” dock or vessel and they can have their way with the situation. Tell me how the TWIC will prevent this?

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    It’s sad to say that not only has my TWIC card ever been read, but also while traveling thru airports, the airports refused the TWIC card as identification, and didn’t even know what the were.
    I thought airport workers were under the transportation department. Why enforce this unnecessary identification card only on mariners and not all of the transportation workers.
    This has been a scam from the very beginning to extract unnecessary money from maritime workers.
    Unless if I’m wrong, planes were used in the attacks on us.
    Why mariners were forced to purchase this card, and the companies weren’t enforced to get the card readers.
    As the article above says a TWIC card alone will not stop what has happened.
    Please abolish the law stating that us mariners must have a TWIC card. It’s been useless since day one.
    Respectfully yours
    Master Upon Oceans
    Don Rogers

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