Noble to stack another rig, plans more layoffs

In a January letter to the Texas Workforce Commission, Noble Drilling said it would lay off up to 120 workers in March after the company stacks the semisubmersible Noble Danny Adkins. The rig is currently working in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sugar Land, Texas-based Noble said in the Jan. 12 letter that 100 to 120 workers would be laid off over a two-week period beginning March 14. The company said it would retain some workers at the stacking location.

In the letter from Joe Knight, Noble’s personnel director, he wrote that although the company may recall some workers if the Danny Adkins receives a new contract, it is expected that the layoffs are permanent.

The announcement comes less than two months after Noble’s Nov. 30 notice sent to the commission that it was stacking the semisubmersible Noble Jim Day. Up to 130 workers from the Jim Day will be let go beginning Jan. 26.

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    cannot say protect my privacy and lose my job on

    I took a company physical examine and I remember back when there was a big deal about the legality of urinalysis, later we have to give blood samples and saliva swabs, now according to an agreement in Europe we have to submit to hair samples. When will this end? nail clippings? anal swab for feces sample? spinal fluid? What about our dignity? Our rights as American citizens? For company policy and insurance premiums? Of course we can say no and not feed our families. Now I do not use drugs nor do I believe that they should be allowed on board.

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