Bill introduced to assess TWIC’s effectiveness

U.S. Rep. Jackson Lee, D-Texas, has introduced the Essential Transportation Worker Identification Credential Assessment Act (H.R. 710). The act would require the secretary of Homeland Security to prepare a comprehensive security assessment of the effectiveness of the TWIC card program. The bill was referred to the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Read the Bill here.

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    Capt. George S. on

    I’m sure the study will conclude the TWIC program is a huge success despite the fact that TSA has yet to implement the card reader program for which it was originally intended. Even though card readers have been commercially available for years, the TSA can’t figure out how to get one to work in the TWIC program.

    From a mariner’s point of view TWIC has been a complete joke and just another way to extract excessive fees for no service provided. Having had a TWIC since the program’s inception, I have only had to show it a few times manually, with no card reader. It’s greatest utility is at the TSA line at the airport although a large percentage of the inspectors in those lines have no idea what it is.

    TWIC is just another example of a failed government boondoggle program. Let’s get rid of it!

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