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ZF Marine is a world leader in Marine Propulsion System technology. ZF can provide either complete propulsion solutions or single components such as transmissions, propellers, control systems, and azimuth thruster technology to workboat builders and owners worldwide.

Our ToughGear family of transmissions is designed for the severe duty cycles of commercial applications.

ZF is the market leader in Azimuth (Z-Drive) thruster technology in the inland waterway. Thruster technology from ZF is helping towboat fleets be more efficient in and safer with their tows.

Our new Commercial Marine Center of Competence in Elmwood, LA was created specifically to support the needs of the work boat market. From Naval Architects, to Marine Engineers, ZF is ready to assist with your next newbuild or repower project.

Products & Services


Transmissions For Commercial Craft

ZF offers robust transmissions with a power range up to 14.000 kW for a variety of commercial applications, such as freighters, tugs, workboats and tankers. Numerous ratios are available that perfectly match today's medium-speed diesel engines. ZF Marine offers a number of transmissions mounted PTOs for commercial applications so that additional propulsion power can be transferred to other nits, such as fire pumps. Additional drives, such as electric motors, can be integrated with the aid of various Power Take In's (PTI).

Transmissions For Fast Craft

Propulsion Systems for large yachts, fast ferries and vessels for naval, customs and coast guard duties require compact, high-performance transmissions, specially configured to meet designer's requirements.ZF supplies high-performance transmissions with lightweight, torsion-resistant, aluminum alloy housing. Propulsion control systems for the engines and transmissions can be supplied as well.ZF transmissions are designed for extreme operating conditions, optimum power-to-weight ratio.

Hybrid Transmissions Emission-Free and Environmental Friendly

With its Hybrid Transmission portfolio, ZF Marine offers propulsion solutions for a clean and sustainable future through the reduction of emissions, fuel consumption and cost.ZF technologies support manufacturers and operators, by helping them to comply with increasingly stringent regulations at sea and at ports.

Fixed Pitch Propellers

Smooth cruising for commercial applications The range of fixed pitch propellers from ZF Faster Propulsion have advantages such as optimized propulsion performance, customized design and silent and fluent efficient operation, among others.


ZF Marine's electronic propulsion control systems are the leading edge of electronics technology. The product incorporate well-proven hardware and software to ensure reliability, easy operation and maintenance. A wide range of systems means optimum equipment can be chosen to specifically match the type of vessel or propulsion configuration. Reliable operation, ease of use, simplified installation and maintenance are some of the advantages of ZF Marine's controls.

Surface Drive Systems

The ZF SeaRex surface drive system offers integrated propulsion and steering systems for high performance vessels of all types. The SeaRex surface drive system ensures unprecedented reliability and ease of maintenance over the lifetime of the vessel, no matter what application. Some of the advantages of ZF Marine's SeaRex are high speed propulsion through semi-immersed propellers, compact design, integrated propulsion and steering system, ease of installation and maintenance, among others.

Retractable Azimuth Thruster

Thruster operates in full azimuth mode when deployed as part of auxiliary propulsion systems to increase the vessel's station-keeping capabilities. When retracted, the thruster is completely stowed inside the hull. Equipped with fixed pitch propellers, the units can be matched to medium-speed diesel, hydraulic or electric engines. Tailor made thruster design allows a perfect fit to the vessel 's hull, while propeller layouts ensure efficiency.Advantages: Excellent station keeping performance, 360 degrees steerable, solid and compact design, reduction of fuel consumption, highly customized and fully integrated propulsion solutions, optimized efficiency, ease of installation and maintenance, possibility to operate the thruster with biodegradable lubrication oil, optional use as a tunnel thruster, among others.

Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters

Offering steerable thrust in all directions, ZF Azimuth Thrusters allow unmatched maneuverability for all types of ships in commercial applications. Customized propeller design ensures the highest efficiency. The thruster can be supplied with electric, diesel or hydraulic drive systems. Typical applications for Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters can be tugs, offshore supply vessels, passenger or cargo vessels as well as crane pontoons.Some of the advantages of ZF Marine's Well Mounted Azimuth Thrusters are: Application customized and fully integrated propulsion solutions, tailor made well and stern design to suite the hull design, full thrust throughout 360 degrees, compact and solid design, ease of installation and maintenance, possibility to operate the thruster with biodegradable lubrication oil, among others.

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