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ZF Marine is a world leader in Marine Propulsion System technology. ZF can provide either complete propulsion solutions or single components such as transmissions, propellers, control systems, and azimuth thruster technology to workboat builders and owners worldwide. Our ToughGear family of transmissions is designed for the severe duty cycles of commercial applications. Our azimuth thruster technology is helping towboat fleets be more efficient in the inland waterway. Talk with ZF about your next newbuild or repower project.

Products & Services


Control Systems

 ZF Marine's electronic control systems provide responsive control for mechanical, electronic, and mechanical/electronic throttle and shift combinations and utilize CANbus technology for system communication. Each control system is preprogrammed by the factory, but offers the flexibility to customize specific features.  Our ClearCommand and Premium ClearCommand products are designed to meet most type approval requirements and are compatible with DP technology.

Marine Transmissions

ZF ToughGear transmissions are designed to handle the duty cycles of commercial applications.    Whatever your job, ZF transmissions are built to keep you running for the long haul.  Find out more about ZF's Toughgear transmission family at www.zfmarinecc.com

Propulsion Systems


Well Mounted Azimuth Thruster

ZF's family of commercial thrusters are designed to meet the various unique commercial applications around the world. From tunnel thrusters, to deck mounted azimuth thrusters and well-mounted azimuth thrusters for towboat applications in the inland waterways ZF likely has a solution for your project.  Find out about why azimuth thrusters are gaining popularity in the inland waterway.  Come and see us at the ZF booth or go to www.zfmarinecc.com 

ZF Fixed Pitch Propellers

Fixed Pitch Propellers from ZF are designed specifically for your application.  Our in-house naval architects will work with you and your team to analyze your hull design and performance criteria to make sure that the propeller you buy is designed specifically for your vessel. Custom propellers designed to maximize performance and efficiency all at a VERY competitive price. Learn more at www.zfmarinepropellers.com

Propulsion / Power

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