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Zenitel, a leading provider of Intelligent Communications, is recognized globally for offering advanced off-shore and onshore communications – Zenitel delivers innovative solutions to vessels worldwide under two internationally renowned brand name Vingtor-Stentofon and Phontech.

With more than 70 years in the business, Zenitel has earned reputation as a supplier of the most flexible, reliable and advanced Maritime Communication Systems available, by providing integrated, type-approved and certified systems for Critical Communication, Data, Safety and Entertainment.

Products & Services


IP Serverless Communication

Introducing the IC-EDGE series. Zenitel's next-generation Intelligent Communication System delivers an out-of-the-box solution with unrivaled sound quality, interoperability, security and ease of use. Intelligent at the COREEASY to deployOut of the box INTEGRATIONSFor more information visit - https://www.ic-edge.com/ 

IP and SIP Intercom

Support for SIP-mode in our range of IP intercoms is a natural progression in our long history driven by innovation. It is a result of our dedication to provide our customers with the best products that work anywhere and in any iPBX system.Zenitel's Marine Intercom stations are rugged devices, designed for harsh environments with several approved for ATEX Zone 1 operation. Our intercom stations are fully digital and offers crystal clear audio with high output through a 10W internal amplifier and speaker, offering up to 100dB SPL. Active Noise Reduction and Acoustic Echo Cancelling allows for hands-free two-way communication with superior audio quality.

Maritime PA/GA

Zenitel delivers 3 different, flexible and scalable maritime Public Address and General Alarm (PA/GA) systems to meet the requirements for alarm and message distribution.The SPA series- specially designed to meet the demands and requirements for a cost-effective PA/GA system, conforming to the SOLAS Rules and Regulations for Marine use. The MPA 1600 Energy- PA/GA system designed to meet the requirements of alarm and message distribution onboard mobile and fixed offshore units. The system conforms to international standards like SOLAS, IMO and IEC regulations as well as national standards. The EXIGO Networked IP PA/GA- our most advanced and flexible PA/GA system. It is scalable and offers a set of standard and optional features. EXIGO is an IP based system that allows you to leverage past investments and integrate other communication and entertainment systems into your PA/GA solution.

Intelligent Maritime Communication Systems

Vingtor-Stentofon ACM (AlphaCom for Maritime) - The Vingtor-Stentofon ACM system unites and enhances a vessel’s safety systems by providing outstanding on-board communication. The ACM systems provide reliable, robust and proven communication solutions and it have continuously been developed and enhanced to take advantage of new technologies such as IP Networking.ICX-500 Gateway - The ICX-500 Intelligent Communication Gateway connects people, devices, and systems at unprecedented levels of manageability, scalability, robustness, and interoperability. ICX-500 will provide your site with all your communication needs as it is easy to extend in functionality and system size, and is designed to be future-proof. The system can be tailored to support applications of almost unlimited specificity and complexity.

Onboard Wireless Communication Systems

Two-way radio has been a successful communication solution for generations, and it proves itself every day in countless deployments around the world.Zenitel is a leading provider and accredited reseller of Motorola Solutions to the maritime and energy segment around the world. By integrating two-way Radio with the on-board communication system, we provide flexibility to address passengers and ship crew from anywhere on a vessel, increasing on-board safety.DECT systems enable wireless communication between handsets, and they can also be interfaced with our other communication systems. We can deliver a combinationof access points, repeaters and leakage cables to provide coverage wherever it is needed. Using a DECT handset together with a noise-cancelling headset is an ideal way to enable hands-free, full duplex communication in noisy areas such as engine rooms.

Sound Reception

Zenitel's Sound Reception System SR8300 is an acoustic electronic navigation aid designed to receive and detect foghorn sounds from other vessels.SR8300 is for use onboard closed bridge class ships to avoid the need for manual lookout. By means of an omnidirectional microphone, SR8301 Antenna, mounted outside of the vessel, the bridge panel will reproduce and amplify incoming sounds, and indicate approximate direction from where the sound is received. This digital system has superior performance digital sound processing and is easy to install. The SR8300 system includes a web interface and adjustable volume and dimmer.

CCTV Solutions

Zenitel's CCTV Solutions enables cost-effective, high-quality area monitoring and video surveillance that enhances safety and security for personnel. Our wide offering of cameras, recorders and SW solutions allows us to tailor a surveillance system for almost any application and size of installation. Our range of CCTV cameras also extends to type approved, corrosion proof and explosion proof units. 

Onboard Entertainment Systems

Zenitel's IPTV system with its comprehensive functionality in a highly HW-efficient setup is ideal for marine vessels. Based on forefront technology the system is easy to set up and configure and provides customized interactive solutions and local media storage in addition to traditional TV channels. The IPTV technology enables broadcasts television via IP networks with HD video and multi-channel audio.Zenitel also offers distribution of traditional COAX TV from digital/ analog terrestrial TV/Radio signals. These systems can be combined with signals from satellite antennas.

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