World Marine, LLC

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World Marine offers ship repair, new construction and marine fabrication services. Our marine conversion and repair capabilities are complimented by two dry docks in Mobile, Alabama. We offer a Panamax-dimensioned dry dock and a smaller 4,200-ton capacity dry dock. The Alabama facility has 4,400 feet of waterfront on the Mobile River, can moor vessels up to 1,000 feet and is supported by its own full-service machine shop.

Products & Services


New Construction

World Marine has recently delivered several 20,000 ton ATBs, multiple heavy deck barges from 260’-300’ and (2) 300’ 170mW power barges. We are also well versed in marine fabrication delivering accommodation modules and rig topside units. Ship conversion is also a mainstay of World Marine’s repair division performing four major retrofits in the past twenty four months. World Marine has all the tools needed for marine construction. These capital items include: Expansive covered and open fabrication, dry docks, wide deepwater channel access to GOM, extensive water frontage, high capacity mobile cranes, inside blasting, burning, welding, and painting equipment, fully equipped machine shops, pipe fabrication shops, module platens, testing and calibration equipment, fixed and portable office space, warehouses, joiner fabrication and outfitting facilities and jigs and fixtures (as for Jackup leg fabrication).

Ship Repair

World Marine, LLC, located in Mobile, Alabama is 26 nautical miles from the Gulf of Mexico on the Mobile River with 4,400 ft of water frontage and a channel maintained to 44 ft.  Equipped with covered fabrication and warehouse areas, several cranes, a panel line and full machine shops, this yard is prepared for all your repair needs.There are two dry docks at this facility; a Panamax size (22,000 ton) and a 4,200 ton.  Both of these dry docks are capable of using high blocking when needed.  Your vessel will leave in tip-top shape!

Boat Building / Repair

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