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WISKA manufactures electrical equipment, lighting products and CCTV camera surveillance systems for shipbuilding and diverse industries. Founded in Hamburg in 1919, the family-owned company today employs over 260 employees worldwide. The product range includes, for example, searchlights, floodlights, reefer container sockets, cable glands, junction boxes and switches, completed by digital CCTV technology. We operate from our own research and development facilities and production plants next-door at our headquarters in Germany and have a global network of representatives and subsidiaries who ensure a quick and effective on-site customer service. www.wiska.com

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LED Floodlight 5000

LED Floodlight 5000: Made to stay coolBy now, aluminium has been the material of choice forheat conduction in LED floodlights. The problem is that aluminium is extremelysensitive to environmental and mechanical influences. WISKA’s solution: the“LED Floodlight 5000”. The new floodlight is the first of its kind that bothconducts heat and resists corrosion thanks to a special plastic module. Perfectfor use in the extreme weather conditions at sea. 

CCTV Camera Systems

For more than ten years WISKA has been developing and building CCTV camera systems: Starting with extensive consulting services to meet your individual needs, engineers in our research and development department plan and design surveillance projects with our portfolio of high quality cameras. In our onsite production facilities cameras are built, tested and taken into WISKA offers miscellaneous high quality cameras for indoor and outdoor usage. All cameras are characterised by their perfect adaption to rough environments (Explosion-proof, Thermal, Dome, Full stainless steel, Searchlight and camera combinations).

VARITAIN® PushIn Advance

VARITAIN® PushIn Advance: Reefer container socketsrevolutionisedThe VARITAIN® PushIn Advance is latest generation of reefer container sockets that are truly impressive thanksto three major benefits. First, an easily accessible power terminal that hasbeen relocated to the outside offers maximum ease of installation. This meansthe casing lid remains closed, minimising the risk of damage duringinstallation. By moving the power port to the outside, the productis now 40% smaller. The PushIn technology increases safety, since power onlyflows when the plug has locked in place. If you pull the plug, power isautomatically shut off.

LED Ex Luminaire 4200

LED Ex Luminaire 4200: Spot on for highest demandsWith its LED Ex Luminaire 4200, developed from thesuccessful watertight luminaire 4000, WISKA supplies a rugged solution for theextreme challenges in the maritime industry and the offshore sector. ATEX andIECEx certification prove its application to zone 1 atmospheres. The LED ExLuminaire 4200 is both reliable and maintenance-free because it does not makeuse of a driver that is likely to have failures and because it has been reducedto only a few key components.

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