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Wing Inflatables manufactures OE & replacement sponsons for RHIBs. Our sponsons are built in the USA from 40oz., 100% polyurethane coated Nylon fabric. Wing Inflatables started manufacturing and field testing industrial grade river craft along the rugged coast of Northern California. Dynamic northern seas and our renowned local Class 5 rivers have given us an unparalleled opportunity to test our products in some of the heaviest water in the world. We are proud to be the premier supplier of sponsons to the US Armed Services. Since the early 1990s, Wing has worked closely with Naval Special Warfare (NSW), US Navy Special Forces (including US SEALs) and US Marines developing special combat craft. Bill Wing is a life-member of the UDT-SEAL Association and works intimately with the ”SEAL community” on a variety of developmental projects. In the mid 1990s our patented sponson technology was adapted to military specifications (MilSpec), and is now widely requested for law enforcement vessels, fire boats, USCG Fast Boats and SOLAS configured craft, pilot boats and the U.S. Navy’s fleet of RHIBs. The majority of sponsons sold to the U.S. Navy are Wing sponsons by request.

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Wing Inflatables, Inc. - Air Sponson

Air SponsonWing's Air Sponsons are the lightest way to add stability and flotation to a boat. Air Sponsons make RHIBs extremely versatile by providing higher stability, the ability to fender off vessels and reduces the risk of injury during passenger boarding. Air bladders or foam can be inserted for flotation redundancy.

Wing Inflatables, Inc. - Hybrid Collar System

Hybrid Collar SystemWing's patented Hybrid Collar System offers an alternative to the Air Sponson. Wing has combined the resiliency of high density closed cell Ethafoam, the toughness and durability of a polyurethane sheath and the pneumatic shock absorption of an inner air bladder to create the air/foam hybrid collar.

Wing Inflatables, Inc. - P-Series CRRCs P4.2 ,P4.7, P5.3, P5.8

Our patent pending WING® hull design creates hydrodynamic lift and compartmentalizes the running surface to reduce vacuum, which equates, quicker to plane, achieving greater speeds with heavier loads. Add to this Polyurethane fabric with seams which are heat welded (not glued); transoms, rigid floorboards and rollup floors all made with composite materials (lighter and stronger than aluminum with no decay) and you get a lighter, stronger, longer lasting and better performing boat. WING® continues to work closely with many of our US Armed Forces in the procurement of our WING® products; US Air Force (AFSOC), US Army, US Marines, US Navy (NSW, SEALs, SPAWARS) SEALs). Additionally WING®'s New Research & Development team have expanded and developed past and new relationships with the USCG, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, SpaceX and NOAA to name just a few.

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