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Water Weights, the originators of the water bag, provide specialist proof load testing solutions for cranes, general lifting equipment and structures.In addition, the company design and supply standard and custom load measuring and monitoring systems for all types of applications.

Products & Services


A-Frame Load Monitoring Systems

Water Weights design and manufacture integrated A-Frame Measurement & Monitoring Systems. The package is highly flexible and visually represented onscreen for quick and easy reference with additional audible and logged information during critical A-frame and winching operations.Standard Package Provide:•A-Frame Load•Winch Load•A-Frame Angle•A Frame Radius•Vessel Angle/attitude

Bridge, Floor, and Platform Testing

Bridge, Floor, and Platform TestingWater Weights provides specialist products, services, and project management for structural testing. This includes verification of structural integrity of buildings, testing of bridges, elevators, loading ramps, gangways, and decks.    The Water Weights range of flexidams and mattress bags allows uniform surface loadings to be applied. Advantages over traditional solid weights include ease of handling and positioning on site, very low carriage costs and gradual application of load.    Loading is measured by means of a calibrated flowmeter to give accuracy +/- 2%. By using our simple manifold arrangement several units can be filled simultaneously.

Crane Testing

Crane TestingWater Weights water filled proof load bags are a unique and simple product specifically designed to provide a test load instead of traditional solid weights for all forms of testing.  The development of Water Weights bags has increased greatly the practicality, economy and safety of providing proof load testing in many applications. In addition, certain proof load testing situations only became feasible with the use of Water Weights. Typical use of Water Weights proof load testing bags includes industrial cranes in power plants, general industry, and marine operations.  Water Weights bags are very light, which aids in handling. Bags are fully rigged and ready to hang and fill. Controlled filling and emptying is simple. The load is measured accurately with a certified loadcell or flowmeter. All bags are very simple to use.

Lifeboat Testing

Lifeboat TestingWater Weights lifeboat proof load testing systems have been specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements for an evenly distributed load.  Water Weights lifeboat bags allow ease of handling and transportation compared to solid weights or traditional sandbags especially in totally enclosed lifeboats. Controlled loading, unloading, and minimal handling of the test load to achieve a wide variety of capacities results in minimum downtime for equipment under test.  A control manifold is used for filing the 825 lb lifeboat bags remotely so personnel don't have to be inside the craft under test. The bags are rated to +/- 1% of load when filled, which is well within the accuracy required by certifying authorities. Upon completion of the test, the load is removed by means of remotely operated pump and manifold system.

Mooring System Load Cells & Instrurmentation

For those applications where a standard load cell or mounting arrangement will not fulfill the requirements of the application, we provide custom designed equipment. The custom design ensures that our client’s requirements are fulfilled and that the equipment will perform optimally in the specific application.

Subsea Electrical Test System (SETS-Rov Deployed Megger)

ROV Deployed Subsea Electrical Pod (Megger)Deployed by an ROV the test POD is fully controllable from the surface with live information transmitted from the test back to the Surface Control unit (SCU) and Data Acquisition (DAQ)Characteristics• Remote controlled real time analyzer• Low IR and Continuity Test capability• User selected voltages for multi-cable testing• Robust proven tool

Underwater & Splash Zone Load Cells

Precision Submersible Load Cell Transducers are designed and manufactured to accurately measure forces in environments where the operating conditions are outside those of standard load cells. These conditions can subject the load cells to one or a combination of; extreme temperatures, high pressures, high levels of corrosion, horizontal and vertical shock loads.

Underwater Lift, Salvage, Flotation Bags

Underwater Lift, Salvage, Flotation BagsWater Weights' line of enclosed and parachute-type lifting bags are robust, easy to deploy, and flexible enough for a wide range of applications. Water Weights has a wide range of products to suit most applications and also provides technical and project management services.

Winch Monitoring

Winch MonitoringTypically these systems provide a central control room PC that displays summary of information about a number of winches positioned around a vessel.    The load and wire length / speed information can be obtained by a number of methods, and it would typically require a survey of the vessel to find the best solution. This can involve load measuring using existing sheaves, or adding equipment to the winch itself.    The system is flexible and can be tailored to fit any situation. Normally the maximum number of external remote instruments is 48. However this can be increased to 255 if necessary. The wiring from each of the lineriders is identical with a short cable run to it’s local winch panel. Each of the winch panels is then connected in parallel to the central PC. This means that cabling is kept to a minimum, making fault finding quick and easy. Most of the fault finding can be done from the central PC.

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