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W&O is one of the world’s largest suppliers of pipe, valves and fittings, as well as actuation and engineered solutions to the marine and oil & gas industries. We represent the most recognizable brands in the industry with multiple branches and stocking facilities in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Because every day brings new challenges, W&O takes a 24/7, can-do approach to serving our customers. It’s this kind of responsiveness and proactive spirit that truly set us apart. Unlike other companies, W&O focuses solely on the maritime industry. No one knows your business better, and no one puts more time, energy and resources into serving your specific and unique requirements. Stop by our booth to see for yourself why we have been the go-to solutions provider in the maritime industry for over 40 years.

Products & Services


Tranberg Searchlight

Made from the highest quality materials, Tranberg Searchlights are designed to work in the toughest environments on the planet. Operational down to -52 degrees C (-60oF), the Searchlights are suitable for all vessels and can be controlled by the brand new Tranberg software.


The NOFIRNO® penetration system, by Beele Engineering, is a sealant-based alternative for casting compounds and block systems used in fire-rated bulkheads. Developed specifically for the marine and offshore industry, these systems are very easy to install, with a minimum number of different parts. Based on revolutionary new NOFIRNO® technology, RISE/NOFIRNO® offers ultimate flexibility for sealing any combination of metallic or plastic pipe penetrations. The system comprises just three components and installation is simple.


Pyplok fittings are non-welded permanent connection fittings that are radially swaged onto pipe/tubing using a compression tool. This process forms a 360˚ radial compression around the pipe, forming a leak-free seal. All of the Pyplok fittings are made from bar-stock single forging (solid "no-weld" construction). The advantage of Pyplok’s unique four non-metallic o-ring sealing characteristics makes it ideal for gaseous as well as fluid systems. Pyplok fittings have all of the benefits of a welded joint, without the hazards associated with hot work. 


SeaCor™, the only commercially available USCG approved thermoplastic piping system in the world, is a high-performance polymer piping system that is ideal for fresh, grey and/or black water systems. This plastic piping system meets IMO A753 (18) part 5, for low flame spread, along with part 2, for low smoke and toxicity. The SeaCor™ system is ideal on shipboard systems due to its lightweight material, corrosion resistance, and durability. Since it is a no weld system, it saves significant installation time, saving money and making maintenance less costly in the future.

LK Valve

Used worldwide onboard vessels and rigs/platforms, quick closing valve systems generate instant closure of all flow in the system in case of emergency. As required by SOLAS chapter II-1, regulation 4, § quick closing valves are installed on tanks containing inflammable liquids. The quick closing valve is equipped with a unique multifunction release cylinder. This means besides mechanical release, pneumatic or hydraulic execution is also an option. 

CPV, American Engineering Trusted Worldwide®

W&O is pleased to introduce CPV: highly engineered valves and fittings designed for a wide variety of maritime applications including air, hydraulic, high-pressure fluid systems and control panels, used in the United States Navy in both standard and custom application.

W&O SternSeal

W&O SternSeal Marine Shaft Packing is square-plait-braided to provide an unusually flexible, formable packing. The base fiber is a long-fibered, roved flax of the highest quality. W&O SternSeal is graphite-free to avoid galvanic corrosion on shafts. 

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